We would like to inform you of changes affecting the 2023 Klingberg Motorcar Series and the Pre-war Concours d’Elegance. The bottom line is this: the traditional major June event has been suspended for 2023 for a time of planning and rebuilding. Here’s why.

Gail Lebert, Aimee (Bush) Benitez, and Mark Johnson have been the main planners and producers of the Klingberg Motorcar Events for the past 7 years. Gail retired June 30th, 2022; Aimee has resigned to take her dream job; and Mark is retiring from his full-time position as of March 31st, remaining in only a part-time position. Finding the right people to take our places has been a difficult and rather time-consuming task, and this has led to the decision to declare 2023 to be a year of planning for a strong return of the motorcar events in 2024. 

Mark will become Vice President Emeritus and continue working in specific areas such as the Auto Restoration Program, the Klingberg History Museum and alumni relations, and other specific projects to be determined. He will be in an advisory role with the future of the Klingberg Motorcar events and will continue his involvement with the Pre-war Concours car owners and gatherings. 

Kara Preston has been named Mark’s successor as Vice President for Development and began on January 25th. She comes with many years of experience and enthusiasm that will carry Klingberg’s mission into the future. Presently, she is actively seeking qualified replacements for Gail and Aimee.

Whatever the future brings, we have appreciated your involvement in the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Series. Together we have supported many programs helping traumatized children over many years as we created an incredible event for the past 30 years. Words can’t express how much we appreciate you. Stay tuned for updates as we plan for the future.