Great news! In the efforts to get back to many of the traditions lost in the recent difficult years of restrictions, we are bringing back the beautiful trophies designed by our professional designer, Ed Tuttle. Specially designed trophies will be awarded in celebration of our thirtieth anniversary Motorcar Event and will include Best in Show for the Concours and traditional automobiles and the Bob and Wayne Carini Trophies as well as many others. Roaming judges will be examining automobiles in their areas of expertise and talking with the owners during the event, choosing deserving nominees in their categories. Trophies will be awarded at different times throughout the day with the three Best in Show and the two Carini Trophies given at the end. 

Following the event, all the winners will be announced through a Klingberg email blast to all our subscribers and posted on social media. Winners and photos of their winning automobiles will be posted on the Klingberg Motorcar Series website.


Below are the award winners from the June 2021 Vintage Motorcar Series event.

Best in Show Brass Era (up to 1914)

1907 Fiat Racer – Targa Florio Corsa

George Dragone

Best in Show 1915-1940

1931 Packard Roadster Model 840

John Gagliardi

Best in Show Post-War (1942-1989)

1969 Olds Hurst 442 Holiday Coupe

Dino & Lisa Buongiorno

Best Truck

1949 Chevrolet 4100 Dump Truck

Witold Kielozewski

Preservation Award, CT-Made Car

1910 Waverley Electric Coupe

Wayne Carini

Bob Carini Award

1932 Lincoln LeBaron Convertible

Ray Theriault

Wayne Carini Award

1935 Studebaker Commander Roadster

George & Valerie Vassos

Klingberg President’s Award

1934 Packard 1104 Roadster

Doug Fernandez

Klingberg Board Award

1956 Chevrolet Belair

Ed Makuck

Klingberg Concours Director’s Award

1950 VW

Bob & Lucretia Cropsey

J. E. Klingberg Founder’s Award

1931 Ford Model A Woody

John & Amy Gladysz

Spirit of Klingberg

1930 Chevrolet Universal AD Phaeton

Art Schaller

Spirit of Klingberg

1919/1931 Detroit Electric 97B

Bill & Linda Lillie


Klingberg Auto Restoration Program Award

1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 396

Mark Sack

Klingberg Auto Restoration Program Award

1934 Studebaker Land Cruiser

Bob & Mia Belling

Volunteer’s Choice Award

1947 GMC EC102

Jeff Dzierlatka

Horseless Carriage Club of America’s Choice Award

1912 Ford Model T Speedster

Bruce MacMillian

Horseless Carriage Club of America’s Choice Award

1914 Ford Model T

Ralph Dykstra

CT Street Rod Association’s Choice Award

1935 Ford Coupe

Andy Scorzato

Hard Luck Award

1927 Flying Cloud Reo

Brian Guarco