is to raise awareness and vital funds for the programs of Klingberg Family Centers through a series of high-quality motorcar events annually.

Antique Automobiles 1942-1989

Antique automobiles 1942-1989 will arrive between 8 and 9am and be guided into the show car areas. All show cars will be parked with a little extra space between them for safety and so they can be easily seen, appreciated, and photographed by spectators.

Show Schedule

The event is scheduled from 9am – 2pm, much shorter than auto shows used to be. Understanding that people’s lives are filled with all kinds of activities, we have shortened our event to end at 2pm. We ask you to stay until 2pm so that spectators coming during the last hour of the show get to see your car along with all the others. 

Trailer Parking

We have limited space on campus so we are providing a spacious parking lot for trailers at Vance School about ¼ mile down the street with an easy drive onto campus. 

Entry Fee

The entry fee for show cars is $10. During the drive-thru events we had to wave the entry fee to avoid handling money and having close physical contact.

A Word About Awards/Trophies 

During COVID, we reinvented our process of recognizing the award-winning automobiles. Simply, we replaced the giving of a traditional, physical trophy in front of a small crowd at the end of the show with a widespread, broadcast announcement with a photo to thousands of people and with an award certificate signed by Grand Marshal Wayne Carini. We are probably going to combine what we used to do with what we needed to do in the past two years out of necessity, as both systems had merit. As we decide on the way we do awards in 2022, we will post it on this website.

Contact info: Mark Johnson, markj@klingberg.org or 860.832.5526