Klingberg 30th Anniversary Cars & Coffee & Kids was held on an absolutely perfect weather day. A cool and crisp fall morning, it was clear enough to see forever from our hilltop. With the many car show choices that day, many show car owners and spectators came to our event to start the day, meeting the friends they usually see here and, of course, supporting our programs for kids, and then going off to other events.

There were just over 100 antique and classic cars, but as many commented, there was an incredible variety and some very rarely seen. The photographs taken by Julie Powell and Ben Jordan show vividly the array of cars enjoyed by the spectators. See the photos in the AWARDS/TROPHIES/PHOTOS section on this website.

The coffee and donuts were provided by Wentworth, DeAngelis & Kaufman, a Gold sponsor; Wayne Carini, was again our Grand Marshal; and Curt Holtman gave rides around the event in his 1915 Ford Model T. Trophies are not common at a Cars & Coffee, but we awarded seven throughout the event. Photos of the winning cars and their owners are also posted on this website. 

Of particular local interest was a 1909 Maxwell Runabout, previously owned by the late Vincent Amato, founder of the Amato Toy Stores in New Britain and Middletown. Master restorer Jerry Chase, who now owns the Maxwell, has restored the motor and cleaned the rest of the car, preserving its originality. Vincent Amato’s family came to see the beautifully restored Maxwell and take a ride around the Klingberg hilltop.

The Klingberg Children’s Home (1903-1970) Museum was hosted by Marge, an alumna from the orphanage era, who shared her story of coming to the orphanage with her brothers when she was 3 years old. The Klingberg Hall of Honor was also open, where 17 men were recognized for sharing their passion for cars, mentoring others restoring cars, and supporting Klingberg Family Centers. 

Our 30th anniversary year was wonderful, with the success of the June 18th pre-war concours and traditional event and now a great Cars & Coffee & Kids. Thank you to all who participated.