June Pre-War Concours d’Elegance

Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Concours Automobile owners’ hours: 7am – 2pm

Spectator hours: 9am – 2pm

Event Location:

370 Linwood Street

New Britain, Connecticut


is to raise awareness and vital funds for the programs of Klingberg Family Centers through a series of high-quality motorcar events annually, including the Klingberg Pre-war Concours d’Elegance.

Pre-war Concours Automobiles

All Concours automobiles (1942 and older) will arrive between 7am and 9am and be guided into our traditional Concours display area. All show cars will be parked with extra space between them for safety and so they can be fully seen and appreciated by the spectators driving through.

Spectator Drive-Thru Event

Spectators will remain in their cars as they drive along a special spectator road winding through every field and parking lot of show cars, so no car will be missed. Spectators will enjoy the approximately 20-minute drive, an adventure in automotive history, and the beautiful hilltop view. (For everyone’s safety, there will be no spectators walking or exiting their cars.)

COVID Safety Protocol

Car owners and their guests are asked to wear masks when they are walking around the event and when social distancing is not possible. When sitting at your car and in your own “bubble,” masks are not required. The event will be set up so that social distancing will be easy. Masks will be worn by staff and volunteers at all times.  

Breakfast and Lunch

We will have complimentary coffee and breakfast items in the morning, and back by request is Pete the Butcher with chicken and pork barbecue sandwiches for purchase. The food is only for the automobile owners and their guests, volunteers, and Klingberg staff, as spectators cannot exit their cars.

All Fees Waived

For safety reasons, we are waiving the entrance fees for car owners and spectators to avoid the handling of credit cards and cash. However, there will be opportunity and encouragement to make a donation. All proceeds will go directly to fund Klingberg programs serving families dealing with many issues, especially families that have been hit hard during this difficult time.

Grand Marshal: Wayne Carini

 Wayne has been Grand Marshal of the Klingberg Motorcar Festival for nine years. The first five years he shared the limelight with his dad, Bob Carini, and for the last six years his family has joined him—so fitting for a family-oriented festival. Three of our events have been featured on episodes of Chasing Classic Cars.

Hall of Honor

Honorees in the Hall of Honor are collectors, restorers, and others who spent a lifetime working with automobiles. They shared a passion for cars in many ways; most had a strong desire to share their vintage automobiles at the Klingberg Motorcar Events, knowing that it would ultimately help children and families. They mentored others who wanted to learn the trade, and most were great friends to us at Klingberg. Twelve have been inducted into the Hall of Honor. The Hall has a museum-like atmosphere with music. Each of the recipients is honored with a 7-foot banner and their automobiles are presented in a slideshow on a large screen. Additional honorees are added each year and are recognized first in the Motorcar Event. Anyone wishing to nominate someone to be honored should contact Mark Johnson at markj@klingberg.org.

 Reserve Your Spot in the Pre-war Concours

 Please let me know what pre-war automobile you will be showing.

As I receive your information and confirmation that you will attend, a parking place will be reserved for you and I will send detailed instructions for the day of the show, including trailer parking and any other important updates.

Trailers: Unloading and Parking

We need to know if you are driving your car into the show or will be trailering it and need to unload it on the show field. Trailers may be parked at Vance School about ¼ mile down the street and your show automobile driven onto campus. Automobiles may be delivered to the field Friday afternoon before the show, since we will have a security guard positioned on the field throughout the night.

Show Time 

The Event is scheduled from 9am – 2pm, hours shorter than what auto shows used to be. Understanding that people’s lives are filled with all kinds of activities, we have shortened our event to end at 2pm. We ask you to stay until 2pm so that spectators coming during the last hour of the show get to see your car and all the others. Particularly with our Drive-Thru Event in September, we had spectators streaming in until 2pm when we closed the gate.

A Word About Awards/Trophies 

In September, out of necessity, we reinvented our process of recognizing the award-winning automobiles. Simply, we replaced the giving of a traditional, physical trophy in front of a small crowd at the end of the show with a widespread, broadcast announcement with a photo to thousands of people and with an award certificate signed by Grand Marshal Wayne Carini. A detailed description can be found here.

Contact info: Mark Johnson, markj@klingberg.org or 860.832.5526