The Klingberg 30th Annual Vintage Car Show was a huge success with a BIG crowd and one of our most unique arrays of automobiles ever. It was a beautiful sunny day on the hill for the 100-plus pre-war automobiles, over 200 in total, and over 1,000 excited spectators. We were grateful to have Wayne Carini return for his 12th year as Grand Marshal. He showed his CT-made 1900 Locomobile and 1914 Kelsey along with his 1969 Ford Torino Restomod GPT Special. He gave the Wayne Carini Choice Award and the Bob Carini Memorial Award.

How did it go? These words came from our spectators: “I’ve been to car shows before, but I’ve never seen such a wide range of automotive history,” and “This has become the biggest and best car show in Connecticut. I won’t miss it next year.”  

The uniqueness of the cars can be seen in the list of trophy winners. Judges, including Grand Marshal Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars, awarded 23 trophies. 

There were several other wonderful show highlights, including:

  • An incredible display of more than 20 CT-made bicycles from the 1800’s and early 1900’s.
  • The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club, representing the first African-American infantry regiment, established in 1866, was here.
  • We honored two significant former Klingberg Auto Show supporters with their induction into the Hall of Honor: Lou DeVivo, Founder of DATTCO and Bob Story, owner of Story Brothers.

Inside, many people visited the Klingberg History Museum and heard Marge tell her story of growing up in the Klingberg Children’s Home in the 1950’s. Also inside were displays of the Women of New Britain History, developed for New Britain’s 150th Anniversary; the New Britain Industrial Museum; and historic Klingberg Auto Show memorabilia.  

The next Klingberg Motorcar Series Event will be on Saturday, September 24st, from 8 to 11 AM, featuring supercars past and present.