Ron Poupart was born in the small town of Adams, MA. He began driving at the tender (if not illegal) age of 14 while transporting his mother and grandmother, Mim, to Vermont in their brand-new Buick to play bingo. His father was killed in action at Saint-Malo in 1943, leaving Ron as the only surviving son. Cars were important to the family, and despite struggling financially, they always had a brand-new Buick. Ron had a mechanic’s mind and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wentworth. His mother and Mim moved to California in 1963, and after a short time living on the West Coast with them, Ron returned to New England to work at Pratt & Whitney and to marry Sharon Earley. Their shared love of classic cars was a hobby they immensely enjoyed together and with friends at area car shows.

Although the Pouparts owned several interesting vehicles, their pride and joy turned out to be a 1952 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon they acquired in 1999. Once belonging to opera singer Dorothy Maynor, the automobile had been sitting outside for 26 years and was rusted through. It was a wreck, but Ron saw its potential and worked meticulously to restore it. After 5 years of careful restoration, it appeared at a regional Buick show and went on to win trophies in the Greenwich Concours and the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival.

Ron Poupart was an ingenious mechanic, a kind friend, and a consistent supporter of our Motorcar Festival. Klingberg Family Centers was pleased to honor him at the 2017 Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Festival.