Lee Duran 1stLee Duran loved to go fast. He raced everything he could: hydroplanes, motorcycles, vintage dirt cars, old track cars, sailboats. He worked his way through school fixing up old Jaguars, and the first car he and his wife, Judith, purchased together was a Jaguar XK140 in 1957. As a collector, Lee loved every aspect, from restoring and rebuilding to showing and racing. His work was meticulous, and as his design and mechanical skills improved, he challenged himself to make each car he worked on better than the last. Lee’s talents were many—besides his automotive skills he was also an architect, sculptor, inventor, and entrepreneur—but even more valuable was his ability to talk to anyone about anything.

Lee’s down-to-earth and caring nature, as well as his strong work ethic and attention to detail, make us proud to honor his life here at Klingberg. Thanks to Judith’s generosity, one of Lee’s racecars is now part of our Auto Restoration Program. It will be restored to authentic 1934 standards and will remain in the Klingberg collection as a show car. We are grateful for the opportunity to honor and celebrate Lee’s life by having one of his racecars in our collection and by sharing with our students the example of Lee’s love for automobiles and entrepreneurial spirit.