The Klingberg Motorcar Series
Hall of Honor

In the 30-year history of the Klingberg Motorcar Events, we have built relationships with collectors and restorers and others who spent a lifetime working with automobiles. They shared a passion for cars, they mentored others who wanted to learn the trade, and they were great friends to us at Klingberg. Most had a strong desire to share their vintage automobile or automobiles at the Klingberg Motorcar events; many volunteered their time and helped spread the word, knowing that it would ultimately help children and families in our care.

Some of these people asked if there was a way that they could honor at our event a friend or family member who shares their passion for cars, to benefit our mission to help children and families. Thus, we developed a program to honor the memory of those who have made significant contributions related to the automotive hobby or industry.

A nominee to be honored should be someone who has significantly contributed to automotive history and/or one who has been dedicated to the hobby over their lifetime and shared their knowledge of vintage automobiles with others.

For information about honoring someone, please contact Mark Johnson at or 860-832-5526.

The elements include:

  • A custom-designed 3’ X 5’ banner with the Honoree’s photo and a personal inscription will be mounted for display. The banner will be featured in the Hall of Honor that will be set up for each of the major Vintage Motorcar Events hosted at Klingberg for years to come. The banners have moved Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Series attendees for the past 5 years. The Honoring banners will also be displayed at Klingberg Extra Events in other locations as the theme and venue allow.
  • An electronic version of the Honorees’ banners will be permanently displayed on the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar website.
  • When the decision is made to honor an individual, they will be recognized formally at an upcoming Motorcar Event. At the event, the banner will be prominently displayed with, if possible, one of the Honoree’s antique vehicles, and with family and friends present.
  • We will also use social media to highlight the induction using photo and facts about the individual being honored.
  • A 2′ x 4′ copy of the Honoree’s banner for personal use (additional copies available for purchase).