I have been showing my 1962 MG at the Klingberg Motorcar Festival for several years, is there a place for me in the Motorcar Series?

Yes, absolutely. The five events will look much like what we have done in the past, a display of Concours and rare automobile surrounded by a traditional auto show where your MG will continue to be welcome.

Will food be available?

Food will be available throughout the events and will feature a variety of breakfast and brunch items.

Will Wayne Carini be at all the five events?

We are pleased to welcome Wayne Carini and his daughter Lindsay back as Grand Marshals of the 2018 Klingberg Motorcar Series. Wayne is fairly confident that he will be at the June Event as he loves the Brass Era Automobiles; as he said on one of his shows filmed here, “If you want to see brass cars, this is the place to come.” As for the other 4 events, Wayne will be here as his schedule permits.