Cars & Coffee & Kids

Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Hours: 8:00 to 11:00 AM

Event Location:

370 Linwood Street

New Britain, Connecticut


is to raise awareness and vital funds for the programs of Klingberg Family Centers through a series of high-quality motorcar events annually.


Automobile events take different forms, from a Concours d’Elegance to a Cruise Night, and all are great in their own ways. We chose to use the Cars & Coffee format for the Klingberg Motorcar Event on September 25th. Open to all show cars from the late 1800’s to a brand new Ferrari, we believe this is the best format to offer the most show cars of the greatest variety to the widest spectrum of show car enthusiasts. 

The pandemic was responsible for the cancellation of many events over the past year and a half, and now there are a myriad of events of all sorts planned for the fall of 2021. The Cars & Coffee format is a gathering of car owners and spectators concentrated in morning hours; ours will be from 8:00-11:00 AM. All enthusiasts can come and enjoy the festive 3 hours and then have the remainder of the day to go to other events or mow the lawn. We are planning for more people on our hill than at a full day show, but everyone here at once. (As is typical with a Cars & Coffee, no trophies will be awarded.)

Putting our own special spin on a Cars & Coffee event, we will provide special features. Because we are all about children, we will have activities for children and families like lawn games, face painting, etc. The Klingberg History Museum will be open with a Klingberg alumna as a guide. The Klingberg Hall of Honor features people who have had a significant part in automotive history or preservation and who have supported Klingberg. Walking through this hall is a moving experience.

Hall of Honor

Honorees in the Hall of Honor are collectors, restorers, and others who spent a lifetime working with automobiles. They shared a passion for cars in many ways; most had a strong desire to share their vintage automobiles at the Klingberg Motorcar Events, knowing that it would ultimately help children and families. They mentored others who wanted to learn the trade, and most were great friends to us at Klingberg. Twelve have been inducted into the Hall of Honor. The Hall has a museum-like atmosphere with music. Each of the recipients is honored with a 7-foot banner, and their automobiles are presented in a slideshow on a large screen. Additional honorees are added each year and are recognized first in the Motorcar Event. Anyone wishing to nominate someone to be honored should contact Mark Johnson at

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