Our September 2020 attendees had lots of great things to say about the drive-thru format!

“The Klingberg Vintage Motorcar September Drive-Thru event was inviting and well laid out.  Volunteers were at the entrance and all along the route, which felt welcoming and kept the pace slow enough to see the unique cars. What a great way to give back to children and families.”

—Todd Navin, SVP, Westfield Bank 

“The Klingberg Motorcar Series is known for its top-notch events, and their innovative approach to continuing this tradition despite social gathering restrictions was great. The experience for both exhibitors and the public was outstanding, and I know I speak for many others when I say that we’re looking forward to the next one.” 

—Michael Donnelly, The Paddock 

“I really enjoyed the Drive-Thru format; it was nice to interact with the spectators as they drove by and it was nice that it gave access to all people old and young from the comfort of their car.”

—Peter A. Lombardo, Lombardo Motorcars

“My family and I were thrilled that Klingberg was still able to host its annual vintage motorcar series in 2020, as we find it a tradition to go every year. We felt completely safe and comfortable in the luxury of our own vehicle while viewing the classic cars! I highly recommend this event to everyone.”

—Kyle P. Kummer, CLTC, Financial & Insurance Advisor, MassMutual Financial Group

“Wow!  It was like driving through a time machine!  Taking in all of the vintage cars usually only seen on “the big screen” or in magazines up close and personal was so exciting.  It was truly a morning well-spent.”

—William D. Moore, President & CEO, Greater New Britain Chamber of Commerce

After seeing the elderly people riding through the show, I think you accidentally stumbled on a great idea for the future – a hybrid show that allows both cars and spectators. Those older folks must have been thrilled!

—Bill Lillie, CEO, Sprigs & Twigs, Inc.