The Motorcar Festival Expansion to the Series

The relatively small car show that began at Klingberg in 1992 has grown steadily for 25 years. Starting as an event with just cars, we added music, vintage dancing, activities for kids, and other entertainment. Even the food choices expanded. In 2010 we added a Concours d’Elegance and then a Concorso. What began as an idea to show a selection of vintage cars at an anniversary event has developed into an incredible way for us to make new friends and share our mission, as well as to highlight unique and rarely-seen automobiles. The Motorcar Festival has raised over $2.2 million over its history, benefitting children and families affected by trauma.
As we have grown to the point where we are bursting the seams of a limited campus and staff, we are expanding to the next natural level, going from a one-day festival to five days and from six hours of show time to twenty!
Beginning in 2018, Klingberg Family Centers will take the single-day, 6-hour festival and expand it to five 4-hour events, the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Series, thus more than tripling the total show time. Wayne Carini has already agreed to be Grand Marshal of the entire series, which will span the months from April to October. The new format will allow our spectators to see a greater variety of Concours d’Elegance automobiles, as we will focus on a unique category each month. We will also use each event to focus on issues affecting families and the programs Klingberg offers to help. For example, the June event will continue to feature horseless carriage and brass vehicles, with an added focus on children with autism. In addition, following most of these 4-hour events, the automobiles in the Concours area will head out on a tour for the afternoon.
We hope you will join us in April of 2018 for the first of the Klingberg Vintage Motorcar Series! Be sure to like us on Facebook and sign up for our emails to stay in touch with us throughout the year as we share more details. We welcome your feedback and ideas.

Benefits of the Motorcar Series include:

Overall increase in attendance and show cars
Increased ability to bring awareness of the issues facing many children and their families and of the programs that Klingberg offers
Increased ability to raise funds for our programs: cost savings, greater attraction for sponsors, and a minimized risk of costly weather-related cancellation
Greater exposure for sponsors as we grow from a single 6-hour event to five 4-hour events