Trophy/Awards Program

We reinvented our process of recognizing the award-winning automobiles at the September 2020 Klingberg Motorcar Series Event in order to ensure the safety of all participants. In the process, we discovered some benefits to doing things differently.

Here is what was done in September & what we will continue to do on June 19:

  • We had roaming judges looking at all the show cars during the duration of the event, choosing deserving nominees in various categories.
  • The awards given by a specific person or group were also chosen, i.e., Bob Carini Memorial, Klingberg President, Klingberg Board,etc.
  • A photograph was taken of each of the automobiles nominated.
  • Best in Show awards for Brass Era, Pre-war, and Post-war were chosen by our team of judges immediately following the event.
  • The winners received an email from us the following Monday telling them which award they had received, and then a certificate of award was mailed to them, signed by Grand Marshal Wayne Carini.
  • On the Monday following the event, all the winners were announced through a Klingberg email blast to almost 2,000 subscribers along with the photographs. Winners were also posted on Facebook (viewed by 484 people) and on the Klingberg Motorcar Series website (viewed over 700 times since the event).

Winners expressing their thanks for the honor of being chosen, also commented that the form of the award was not as important as the honor. Some actually said that they have too many trophies and no place to display them and prefer getting a certificate and having the public announcement. Bill Lillie, a Klingberg Concours winner, expressed his perspective on this new method: ”As an owner, if I win something, I like the ‘bragging rights’ of winning such-and-such at the Concours. Trophies just take up room, anyway, so not a big deal.” We hope others agree with his sentiment.

Other benefits included the time saved in not needing to gather cars and people for an in-show presentation, which allowed us more time to judge cars and offer a greater number of awards. In addition, the wider announcement of the winners is not commonly done and provides greater recognition for the cars and their owners than a simple in-show ceremony.

We will award automobiles in the same way on June 19, 2021. We will continue to develop the awards and additional ways to announce the awardees to an even wider audience.