George Homan’s 1932 Stutz LeBaron was only $5,200 when it was first released, but that would be nearly $88,000 today. With such a sophisticated and rare car, we knew immediately it would win one of our Concours d’Elegance Best in Show trophies.

This car is one of two 4-passenger speedsters built in 1932 and was exhibited by Stutz at the January 9, 1932, New York Auto Show. The original owner purchased this car at that show, and after changing hands a few times, has come to rest with Holman. There were only as many as 200 made, but they were truly the best of the Stutz, with a specially developed 322CI straight 8, with double overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder engine. Though it was one of the last models produced by Stutz, it still held true to the saying “Stutz – The Car That Made Good In a Day.”

We are so lucky to have had Holman’s 1932 Stutz LeBaron at our June show! Congratulations for winning one of the Concours d’Elegance Best in Show trophies.