Of course the 1932 Studebaker President was one of our Concours d’Elegance Best in Show winners. Only 2,399 of all models were produced, with only a handful of those being the same body style as George Vassos’s President. Of those, only two are left, so we are incredibly lucky to have had this one at our show.

This particular car was initially sold to Archival Grove Kent of California in 1932. He retired to Mexico in 1944 and took the car with him. Another buyer from California bought it and brought it back to the States, only to have it languish in his garage. The original motor and instrument panel had been sold. In 2006, George Vassos purchased the car and began a nine-year restoration project. In an interview with Hemmings, Vassos said, “I was probably a little naïve in terms of what was going to be involved, but I figured, one way or another, we’d get the job done.” The original motor was located. All the other missing or damaged pieces have been found or recreated. The Studebaker Museum Archives and other Studebaker enthusiasts provided invaluable help.

This 1932 Studebaker President is an amazing find and restoration by George Vassos! Congratulations for winning one of the Concours d’Elegance Best in Show trophies.